What are, in your opinion, the greatest differences between northern and southern Brazilians?

As a northerner from Belém Pará (land of Fafá de Belém, of Caliypso) who lives in the South of the country, in Floripa I can say that the differences are striking:

Public education in the South of the country is far from the European standard, it exists… in the North most public schools are just places where children go to eat for free;

in the south of the country is a matter of public law, SUS works, when I arrived in Floripa and made an appointment at the station, imagine was not my surprise when I was called to reschedule the appointment because the doctor who would see me had a setback. In Belém one I know has ever used the SUS, that is why people do everything to have a health plan, if they work only for that. Who needs to use the public health service sleeps in lines to get a password, without at least being sure that they will be attended;

The opportunities in the South are much bigger and better. These days talking to my boss, she told me that when she was 33 years old, she already lived outside the country, she owns her own company and at my age (27) was already a director of a company. Do you know who in Belém can tell a story like that? Who inherited a large amount of money from their parents or a ready-made company, probably those parents are Southerners who went to undertake in the North.

In the north of the country the culture of colony is much stronger, it is as if Brazil was still a colony and the north was a colony in the south of the country, so culturally we value the culture of the outside, until we get here and that the culture of the north is so rich that it would make anyone who really knows it jealous.

I could write a bible of differences, but time is short.

I loved the question. 🙂