Auto Draft

On the basis of a person’s face, one can often an idea of their health.

I did a little experiment on myself last month, forgive me if it is not too scientific.


Effects of on the health of the face


The same person

Use the same moisturizer

Same illumination

Similar diet on all days.

Appendix 1:

0 sleep (24 )

Rough skin

Couldn’t smile… was too tired.

Appendix 2:

4 hours sleep (20 hours awake)

Bloated face

Lachrymal sacs

Skin was rougher, but not as much as before.

Appendix 3:

8 hours sleep (16 hours awake)
Well rested and more vital

Tear sacs have receded.

Face no longer so puffed up

Annex 4:

12 hours sleep (12 hours awake)

Tired from sleeping, bags under your eyes are gone.

Skin looks healthy

Annex 5:

16 hours sleep (8 hours awake)

Very tired from sleeping

Lachrymal sacs are back

Skin looks rested

My conclusion:

I slept excessively, I had to reduce my diet, which probably did not have a positive effect on my health.

When I slept too little, I looked really unhealthy. I looked a bit like a drunk adolescent.

The constant bags under my eyes are probably due to my anemia.